At Easy Does It we only use the freshest produce and finest ingredients to offer you a meal of high quality standards. Our menu gives you a variety of options so you can match the dishes with your occasion.


Main Course
Option 1   R 115.00 p.p   Lamb on the spit with Baby Potatoes & Sweet Onions, with either:
        · Garlic Bread  OR
        · Cocktail Rolls
Option 2   R 140.00 p.p   Add any 3 of the following Side Dishes to Option 1:
        · Greek Salad
        · Coleslaw
        · 3 Bean Salad
        · Pasta Salad
        · Spicy Rice Salad
        · Sweetcorn-bake
        · Butternut
Optional   R   4.00 p.p   Exchange any one of the Side Dishes for: 
        · Broccoli & Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce
Dessert Menu
Option 1   R  20.00 p.p   Traditional “soetgoed” platter
Option 2   R  22.50 p.p   Cremora Cheesecake      
Option 3   R  25.00 p.p   Peppermint Crisp Tart OR Orange Cream Tart
Cutlery & Crockery   
This Option   R   4.00 p.p   Includes: Plates, knives, forks, dessert plates, dessert spoons & wash fee


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